SPINS Updates
End-of-Service Announcement - Legacy Tools Shut off - 8/31/16
All legacy tools service, including SAGE/Portal and Netbench, will be terminated on August 31 at midnight CDT. Access to any data/reports created in these tools will no longer be available after that date. After that time, SATORI will be the new business insights solution for you to access your reports/data.
To guide you through this SATORI transition we have created training tools which are outlined below.
Step-by-step tutorials
SATORI Tips & Tricks trainings
Please do not hesitate to contact the Customer Success team (customersupport@spins.com) with specific questions about the transition process which will be completed on August 31
Data Delivery Schedule 2016
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NetBench User Manual
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SPINS Data Refresh Dates
SPINSscan Natural & Key Accounts: August 7, 2016
SPINSscan Gourmet & Alternative: August 7, 2016
SPINSscan Conventional Markets: August 7, 2016
SPINSscan Conventional Accounts: August 7, 2016
Key Account Data may be shared only with that corresponding retailer or for internal use.
Any other use or misuse is strictly prohibited and will be enforced with legal action against the liable party.